Dr Martin Sadowski

Dr Martin Sadowski – SRF Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre Queensland University of Technology Email: martin.sadowski@qut.edu.au Web: Lab Page Keywords – androgen receptor signalling, prostate cancer, drug discovery, HT imaging and analysis, lipogenesis, cancer metabolism Advertisements

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Dr Pascal Duijf

Dr Pascal Duijf – Group Leader University of Queensland Diamantina Institute Translational Research Institute 37 Kent Street Brisbane QLD 4102 Australia Phone: +61 (0)7 3443 6937 Email: p.duijf@uq.edu.au Web: Lab Website Keywords : Cell cycle, chromosome instability, aneuploidy, mitosis, mitotic checkpoint

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Prof. Alpha Yap

Prof. Alpha Yap – Head, Molecular Cell Biology Division Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB) The University of Queensland St. Lucia, Brisbane Queensland 4072 Phone: 61424926469 Email: a.yap@uq.edu.au Web: Lab Website Keywords: Cell-cell adhesion, Epithelial morphogenesis, Mechanobiology, cytoskeleton, breast cancer, bowel cancer, wound healing, epithelial inflammation

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Dr Brian Gabrielli

Dr Brian Gabrielli – Head, Cell Cycle Group The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute Level 6 | Translational Research Institute | 37 Kent St | Woolloongabba QLD 4102 Email: brianG@uq.edu.au Web: Lab Website  Keywords: melanoma, checkpoint targeted therapy, cdc25, Chk1, G2 phase, 14-3-3, HDACi, ARVEC, Brisbane

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