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Dr Sandra Pavey

Dr Sandra Pavey – SRO, Cell Cycle Group 
Skin Cancer Program
Diamantina Institute
The University of Queensland
Level 6, Translational Research Institute
37 Kent Street
Woolloongabba QLD 4102
Phone: 07 3443 6934
Email: sandra.pavey@uq.edu.au
Website: Lab Website

Keywords –  UV, G2, Melanoma, G2 checkpoint


Dr Brian Gabrielli

Dr Brian Gabrielli – Head, Cell Cycle Group
The University of Queensland
Diamantina Institute
Level 6 | Translational Research Institute | 37 Kent St | Woolloongabba QLD 4102
Email: brianG@uq.edu.au
Web: Lab Website 

Keywords: melanoma, checkpoint targeted therapy, cdc25, Chk1, G2 phase, 14-3-3, HDACi, ARVEC, Brisbane

Australia Cell Cycle Community Website officially Launched

Great news, we have finally launched a website devoted to the Australian Cell Cycle community !

This site will serve as a hub for all the amazing cell cycle research that is performed in Australia.

In addition, we will also be rebooting the Australian Cell Cycle Workshop (ACCW), with a tentative date of early April 2015, in Sydney Australia. [More Info]

Stay tuned, there are lots of exiting things on the horizon.