A/Prof Jörg Heierhorst

A/Prof Jörg Heierhorst – Head, Molecular Genetics Lab St. Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research 9 Princes Street Fitzroy, Victoria 3065 Phone: +61-3-9231-2503 Email: jheierhorst@svi.edu.au Web: Lab Website Keywords: dynein light chain, zinc-finger transcription factors, protein kinases, DNA damage checkpoints, cell division, cell death, B cell development, mouse models, budding yeast Advertisements

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Prof. Phil Hodgkin

Prof. Phil Hodgkin – Head, Immunology lab The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute 1G Royal Parade, Parkville, Melbourne, Victoria, 3052 Email: hodgkin@wehi.edu.au Web: Lab Website Keywords –  T and B cell proliferation, competing fates, stochastic processes, Cyton model

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Prof. Sarah Russell

Prof. Sarah Russell – Head, Immune Signalling Lab Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre St Andrews Place, East Melbourne, VIC,  Australia Email: sarah.russell@petermac.org Web: Lab Website Keywords – asymmetric cell division, cell polarity, T cells, leukaemia, time lapse imaging

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