09:00-10:45     Arrival & Registration (Powerhouse Museum – Target Theatre Foyer)

10:45-11:00     Welcome by organisers and housekeeping: Tony Cesare


Session I:     DNA Repair

Session Chair: Kum Kum Khanna (Queensland Institute for Medical Research, QLD)

11:00-11:25     Eloise Dray (TRI, Queensland University of Technology, QLD)
                        “DNA repair proteins in breast cancer: both the problem and the solution”

11:25-11:40     Brian Gabrielli (Mater Research Institute, QLD)
                         “The common ATM Ser49Cys variant is functionally defective for DNA damage                                          response signalling”

11:40-11:55     Georgia Kafer (Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan)
                        “Investigating cytosine hydroxymethylation during DNA repair”

11:55-12:10     Sylvie van Twest (St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research, VIC)
                        “Biochemical reconstitution of the ubiquitin ligase defective in Fanconi Anaemia”

12:10-12:35     Tamás Fischer (John Curtin School of Medical Research, Canberra)                                                       “RNA-DNA hybrids and RNase H activity are required for efficient DSB repair”


12:35-14:15 Lunch and Posters (Target Theatre Foyer)


Session II:    Cell Division I

Session Chair: Brian Gabrielli (Mater Research Institute, QLD)

 14:15-14:40     Janni Petersen (Flinders University, SA)
                        “Environmental control of cell growth and division”

 14:40-14:55     Qian Du (Garvan Institute of Medical Research, NSW)
                        “DNA replication timing shapes the cancer epigenome”

14:55-15:10     Noa Lamm-Shalem (Children’s Medical Research Institute, NSW)
                        “An actin-dependent mechanism facilitates nuclear-cytoplasmic cross-talk to guard                            genome stability”

15:10-15:35     Damien Hudson (Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, VIC)
                        “RMI2-a new disease gene causing Bloom (like) syndrome”


Poster Fast-Forward

Session Chair: Harriet Gee (Department of Radiation Oncology, Westmead Hospital, NSW)

15:35 – 15:37   Sam Rogers (Garvan Institute of Medical Research, NSW)
                        “SnapShot: Phosphoregulation of mitosis”

 15:37 – 15:39   Heather Murray (Hunter Medical Research Institute, NSW)
                        “Synergistic targeting of DNA-PK in acute myeloid leukaemia (AML)”

15:41 – 15:43   Susanne Heinzel (Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, VIC)
                        “Myc as a regulator of T and B cell responses”

15:43 – 15:45  Jirawas Sornkum (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, VIC)
                       “Dual targeting of ribosomal gene chromatin and transcription as a novel therapeutic                           strategy for synergistic activation of cell cycle checkpoints in acute myeloid leukaemia”

15:45 – 15:48  Sarah Alexandrou (Garvan Institute of Medical Research, NSW)
                     “CDK inhibition in combination with endocrine therapy to prevent the emergence of                               resistance in breast cancer”


15:48-16:15     Coffee/Tea



                        The Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute, Canada
                        “Charting the response to DNA damage”

                       Chair: Andrew Deans (St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research, VIC)


17:00-18:55     Poster session with cheese & wine (Target Theatre Foyer)
                         “All presenters to stand by posters

19:00               Welcome Dinner and Drinks (Free to all registrants)

                        Transport Exhibition Room, Powerhouse Museum



 Session III:   Telomeres

Session Chair: Roger Reddel (Children’s Medical Research Institute, NSW)

09:00-09:15     Rebecca Dagg (Children’s Medical Research Institute, NSW)
                        “Extensive proliferation of human cancer cells with ever-shorter telomeres”

09:15-09:30     Barbara Hübner (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
                        “Correlative microscopy of telomeres”

09:30-10:00     Tracy Bryan (Children’s Medical Research Institute, NSW)
                       “Links between DNA replication, DNA damage responses and telomerase extension of                           telomeres” 


National Cancer Institute, USA
“Revelations from the edge of the nucleus:  telomeric control of kinetochore assembly, nuclear envelope breakdown and chromosome detanglement”

                      Chair: Tony Cesare (Children’s Medical Research Institute, NSW)


10:40-11:05     Coffee/tea


Session IV: Informatics

Session Chair: Graham Mann (Westmead Institute of Medical Research, NSW)

 11:05-11:30     Nic Waddell (Queensland Institute of Medical Research, QLD)
                       “Mutational processes and potential clinical utility in cancer”

11:30-11:55     Tiannan Guo (Children’s Medical Research Institute, NSW)
                        “Measuring a subset of proteins involved in cell cycle and DNA damage response in                                 hundreds of cancer cells and tumor tissues using PCT-SWATH mass spectrometry”

11:55-12:10     Michael Lee (Children’s Medical Research Institute, NSW)
                       “Development of a whole genome sequencing based classifier to determine telomere                             maintenance mechanism in tumours”

12:10-12:35     Juliet French (Queensland Institute of Medical Research, QLD)
                        “Long noncoding RNAs, CUPID1 and CUPID2, mediate breast cancer risk at 11q13 by                               modulating response to DNA damage”


12:35-14:00     Lunch and Posters (Target Theatre Foyer)
                        Proudly sponsored by the Sydney West Radiation Oncology Network


Session V:   Cell Proliferation and control

Session Chair: Antony Braithwaite (University of Otago, New Zealand)

14:00-14:25:    Marco Herold (Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, VIC)
                          “Using CRISPR/Cas9 technology to identify and validate novel cell death regulators                                for cancer therapy

 14:25-14:40     Naisana Asli (University of Sydney, NSW)
                          “Cell cycle quiescence, epithelial plasticity and chemo-resistance intersect through                                  BMP pathway activity in human epithelial ovarian carcinoma”

14:40-14:55     Wayne Crismani (St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research, VIC)
                        “FANCM and associated proteins limit meiotic crossovers”

14:55-15:20     Carl Walkley (St. Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research, VIC)
                        “Understanding the role of Recql4 in normal and malignant disease: Insights from                                  blood and bone development”


15:20-15:45     Coffee/Tea


Session VI: Structural and Single Molecule Science

Session Chair: Katharina Gaus (University of New South Wales, NSW)

15:45-16:10     Nick Dixon (University of Wollongong, NSW)
                        “Design principles of a dynamic molecular machine: the bacterial replisome”

16:10-16:25     Roland Gamsjaeger (Western Sydney University, NSW)
                        “A structural analysis of DNA binding by hSSB1 (NABP2/OBFC2B) in solution”

16:25-16:50     Elizabeth Hinde (University of New South Wales, NSW)
                        “Imaging chromatin dynamics during the DNA damage response”


16:50-17:05     Coffee/Tea



                        University of Wollongong, NSW
                        “Single-molecule imaging of DNA replication and repair”

                         Chair: Hilda Pickett


17:50-18:45     Drinks, Poster viewing

18:45 – 19:00  Free Bus Transport to the Opera House for the Conference Dinner
Proudly Sponsored by Brightside scientific

19:15 – 10:30  Conference Dinner, Opera Bar – Circular Quay



 Session VII: Cell Division II

Session Chair: Leonie Quinn (John Curtin School of Medicine, ANU, ACT)

09:00-09:15     Don Cameron (John Curtin School of Medical Research, ACT)
                         “RNA polymerase I transcription inhibitor CX-5461 functions as a targeted DNA                                      damaging agent to selectively kill tumour cells”

 09:15-09:30     Radoslaw Szymd (Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore)
                        “Cdk1 activity guards S phase integrity”

 09:30-10:00     Patrick Humbert (Latrobe University, VIC)
                        “Erythroid Enucleation: An unusual cell division?”


10:00-10:40     The Company of Biologists KEYNOTE Lecture: MARCOS MALUMBRES

                        National Cancer Research Centre, Spain
                        “Balancing the activity of kinases and phosphatases in the cell cycle and beyond”

Chair: Andrew Burgess (Garvan Institute of Medical Research, NSW)


10:40-11:10     Coffee/tea
                        Proudly sponsored by Genesis Cancer Care


Session VIII: Clinical Implications

Session Chair: Helen Rizos (Macquarie University, NSW)  

11:10-11:35     Steve Lane (Queensland Institute of Medical Research, QLD)
                       “The preclinical efficacy of targeting telomerase in human acute myeloid leukaemia                                (AML)”

11:35-11:50     Tara Roberts (Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research, NSW)
                       “ATM loss leads to accumulation of unrepaired DNA damage and cytosolic DNA which                            induces inflammation and neurodegeneration”

11:50-12:05     Jordan Hastings (Garvan Institute of Medical Research, NSW)
                        “Predicting chemoresistance in lung adenocarcinoma by modelling drug induced                                      signalling dynamics”

12:05-12:20     Ana Esteves (Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, NSW)
                        “The relative importance of cell cycle and bystander effects in radiation sensitivity”

12:20-12:45     David Thomas (Garvan Institute of Medical Research, NSW)
                        “The Molecular Screening and Therapeutics (MoST) Study: a framework for signal-                                seeking basket trials for rare and neglected cancers”


12:45-12:55     Closing remarks + Prizes (Liz Caldon)

12:55               Lunch & Departure


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