Hossai Gul

Hossai Gul – Honours Student Hardemann/Gunning, Oncology Research Unit UNSW SYDNEY NSW 2052 AUSTRALIA Email: hossai.gul@gmail.com Web: Lab Page Keywords: Development of anti-tropomyosin drugs to target cancer cells. Advertisements

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Prof. Maria Kavallaris

Prof. Maria Kavallaris – Head Tumour Biology and Targeting Program Children’s Cancer Institute PO Box 81 Randwick, Sydney, NSW, 2031 Phone: 0408480855 Email: m.kavallaris@ccia.unsw.edu.au Web: Lab Website  Keywords: Microtubules, Antimitotics, Cell cycle, Tubulin-binding agents, Cancer, Nanoparticles, RNAi, Tumour models

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