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Hossai Gul

Hossai Gul – Honours Student
Hardemann/Gunning, Oncology Research Unit
Email: hossai.gul@gmail.com
Web: Lab Page

Keywords: Development of anti-tropomyosin drugs to target cancer cells.


Announcement of Confirmed Speakers for #ACCM15

I am please to announce the first batch of confirmed speakers for #ACCM15. We have been very fortunate to secure some amazing speakers for the conference, and will be adding even more in the weeks. Stay tuned, and don’t forget to register now.
Oral Abstracts submissions close December 12, 2014.

Confirmed Speakers

Neil Watkins (Garvan)
Helen Rizos
(Macquarie Uni)
Joshua McCarroll
Philip Hodgkin (WEHI)
Ygal Haupt (Peter Mac)
Derek Richard (QIMR)
Lee Wong (Monash)
Andrew Deans (SVI)
Pascal Duijf (UQ)

15th ACCW 2015 FlyerV4-01

Prof. Maria Kavallaris

Prof. Maria Kavallaris – Head Tumour Biology and Targeting Program
Children’s Cancer Institute
PO Box 81
Randwick, Sydney, NSW, 2031
Phone: 0408480855
Email: m.kavallaris@ccia.unsw.edu.au
Web: Lab Website

 Keywords: Microtubules, Antimitotics, Cell cycle, Tubulin-binding agents, Cancer, Nanoparticles, RNAi, Tumour models